miercuri, 6 iulie 2011

Fuck You!

Un mic omagiu adus monologului lui Edward Norton despre New York in  filmul ''25th hour'' aplicat pe Romania:
Fuck the self-righteous bastards that give us lessons in morality just after downloading underage porn!
Fuck the stupid creatures that stay hypnotized in front of the tv to watch shit washing their minds in late night shows!
Fuck the tabloids for giving birth to plastic bags called ''assistants''!
Fuck these variable worth(in Euro) prostitutes with their maxi breasts and mini brains!
Fuck the lecherous impotent 60 year olds pumped up in viagra and mastercards and their collection of whores!
Fuck  Bruxelles for allowing in the parliament daddy's little slut and  the megalomaniac shepherd!
Fuck you ...my neighbor for throwing your garbage from your balcony straight into a parking lot!
Fuck you Adria Family for just being here and loving it!
Fuck the president and fuck the prime-minister and all your money grabbing servants !
Fuck myself -is somewhat masturbation - for still voting and hoping!

8 comentarii:

  1. Andi, ia-ti o vacanta...


  2. Esti agent de turism? Ai vreo oferta? Mai pentru sarmani asa daca se poate! Rog seriozitate!

  3. Eu sper ca nu. Cu bugetul - mult mai probabil

  4. Incearca o vacanta departe de Tine!

  5. Sunt prea indragostit de mine insumi ca sa fac separatia asta;)

  6. Indragostit sau obsedat?

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